Sofia C. Pereira

How the book The Food Anthropologist touched me_ a review (Uma opinião sobre o livro The Food Anthropologist)

I don’t want to give a synopsis of the contents of the book “The food anthropologist” by Sofia de Campos Pereira. I would like to express what the book did to me, what I learned from it, what I took from it and what fascinated me.

In 12 chapters Sofia describes the various diets she followed, each diet for a month. No matter how restrictive the diet, she consistently followed the rules and she describes the negative and positive effects on her on a physical as well as social and emotional level. I was surprised to see how many diets exist (she choses a mostly random order) and understand some of the sense or nonsense of a certain diet and why people follow it.

It is a personal story, warm and sensitive, with a scientific flavor. She describes the science behind the causes as well as backgrounds which makes it for a fascinating read. You get to know her family and friends a bit and that gives a nice atmosphere which is pleasant to read.

What fascinated me most were the last chapters, her ‘Afterthoughts’. I’ve never been very interested in food, recipes, variation, although I try to make sure I eat ‘healthy’. I never fully realized the connection between food and all the other aspects of life. Sofia enabled me to see that everything has to do with everything. That there is a connection between all living organisms. It is not only what we eat and knowing what food is good for our health, she also makes the link between the importance of self-discipline and how our focus on goals stops us from enjoying the process. She even addresses how our food actions influence our environment and planet.

It’s about small steps that we can take to make progress and that progress is never linear. We would like to see immediate results when we start a diet or choose another type of food or any goal. Sofia showed me that that self-discipline, even when circumstances are not favorable, is not easy but it is needed to take steps towards a (small) goal that we have in mind. I recognize then Sofia who has been my health coach for a long time and from whom I have learned a lot.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, including those who are not interested in food. It is very pleasant to read and very educational!

September 22, 2017, Holland

Sofia C. Pereira

A review of the science behind the link between gut bacteria and physical/mental health. Live on Thrive Global.


Sofia C. Pereira

The perfect poached egg! / O ovo escalfado perfeito!

Although I love poached eggs, I used to avoid making them at home. They always seemed to make such a mess and often turned out watery or rubbery. However, the other day, I saw an easy and practical way to make poached eggs on a cooking video that seemed great, and basically involved placing the raw egg in saran wrap and then in the boiling water for four minutes.

I have since made poached eggs a few times and just love the simplicity and versatility of this method. The one important step is to add a few drops of olive oil into the saran wrap so the egg doesn’t stick to it while cooking. Otherwise, I have cooked the egg with basil leaf inside the wrap or other spices, and it was very tasty. Check out the recipe with smoked salmon in the photo for inspiration and enjoy!

O ovo escalfado perfeito!

Gosto imenso de ovos escalfados, apesar de até agora evitar fazê-los em casa. Fazia sempre imensa porcaria e frequentemente os ovos ficavam aguados ou emborrachados. No entanto, no outro dia, vi uma maneira fácil e prática para fazer ovos escalfados num vídeo de culinária, que bastava colocar o ovo cru dentro de película aderente e depois em água a ferver por quatro minutos.

Desde então tenho feito ovos escalfados algumas vezes e adoro a simplicidade e versatilidade deste método. O passo mais importante é não esquecer de adicionar algumas gotas de azeite antes de por o ovo na pelicula para assegurar que o ovo não se cola enquanto cozinha. Tirando isso, já utilizei este método com folhas de manjericão ou outras especiarias dentro do invólucro de pelicula e ficou muito saboroso. Como inspiração, veja a fotografia da receita com salmão fumado e bom proveito!