Be your best!

Tired of confusing and conflicting nutrition theories?

Having difficulties reaching or maintaining your best physical potential?

Don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches to dieting?

Want to feel great in your body and have a clear mind?

Want to move better, feel more energy and more confidence?

Reach your maximum potential in a way that’s empowering and exciting!

As your Health Coach, I will guide you to explore the complex world of contradictory nutrition and health theories to find what truly works for you. Respecting your individual lifestyle and habits, we will collectively work through a program that flows with education, curiosity, culture and life experiences. With this highly personalized and client oriented approach, you will become an expert in listening to your body and take control of your own health and wellness. Everyone can make positive and significant changes towards reaching their maximum potential, all they have to do is to want it!

During our sessions, we will:

  • Define your fitness and personal goals and make significant progress towards reaching your objectives

  • Understand and control your cravings in order to reach and maintain your best body weight and muscle mass 

  • Create your personal blueprint and decipher your body’s unique needs

  • Increase your mental and physical energy levels

What you get:
  • Two 50-minute sessions per month

  • Email support between sessions

  • Precious information that will increase your knowledge about nutrition and overall health and wellbeing, including handouts with information about food and lifestyle adjustments

  • Detailed help for your transformation process in the form of a personalized guide


To see whether a health coach is for you, I invite you to have a chat with me.